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Let’s live the moment.!

Let me introduce Mr. XYZ to you. He is not my friend close friend. Just hi & bye type friend during college days. I don’t know that his father died very recently. In memories of his father he posted so many sad songs on Whatsapp stating how much he misses him. Me being dumb inquired […]

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Let them decide their gender.!

I was arguing with my office mate (OM) who had no tolerance in accepting the changes in hormones that leads to LGBT community. He strongly believed that “How can someone prefer same gender. They are not created by god and so on” Me and some of my friends tried explaining the ground reality but he […]

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Sometimes being kind, pays off..!

My shift usually ends at 5.30 pm. I was working late due to surprise customer audit. Completed everything around 10.00 pm. While returning to home by bike, a guy aged below 20 asked me for hitchhiking. I agreed and there was this point where I have to take left and he wanted to go straight. […]

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Though it is illegal..!

I am from Chennai, India. I am a first graduate in my family and government here is providing 50% concession in higher education for students who completed their high school. It is a big deal. My actual fee per year was 40,000 and I had to pay 20,000 which means I saved 80,000 for a […]

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COVID-19 impact in my life?

This virus (Covid-19) is quiet dangerous for people with weak immune system which is quite obvious that it is dangerous for people with cancer. I live here in Chennai part of Tamil Nadu, India. Image source: Google My treatment is yet to complete. Chemotherapy was scheduled on monthly basis till June or July. Last month […]

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Being Human.?

It has been several years. But whenever I think or talk about this incident, I get tears and couldn’t really control my emotions. Even recalling could cause so much pain. Name of this Girl is Aishwarya. We used to call her Ishu. She was seven when this incident happened. She was very active kid who […]

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Help without actually being asked??

It was around two years back. I was working in a private firm. I had this unexpected customer audit where I was supposed to be present. I was working and it was too late which means I have to take my own transport. I had no choice other than call the transport office and ask […]

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Is life really fair?

I was in this diagnostic center to get my full body scanned (PET) after several months of cancer treatment. I was asked to take full body PET scan and MRI screening. It was early morning, I was the third person to get the scan done and was made to sit in a waiting room. After […]

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We are all judged by others, right? And as a person who wants to show my true self as much as possible, I fail each and every time. People actually want me to be nice or fake or not notice things. I fake so many things in front of my family just not to hurts their […]

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One of the best part about living is FOOD.!

One of the best part about living is FOOD.! Don’t you agree? If not read further. I am a 24 old guy with very average life style. I completed my bachelors two years back and got a job as management technician in a mobile manufacturing company. September 2018, I had a lump on my right […]